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i know there are an unlimited number of wedding vendors out there and therefore, i want to help you! your engagement season should be enjoyable and should be a time that you can look back on and remember all the happy feelings! i know it’s easy to get stressed and overwhelmed during wedding planning, but just remember at the end of the day all that matters is you will be marrying your other half! i have been present and part of so many weddings which have shown me the pros and cons of multiple different vendors. i am eager to be able to share who i personally believe are the best of the best! i also have a running list of other vendors whom i have worked with in the past and had a great experience, so please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions. i am happy to serve you! now, happy wedding planning! 

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tanner and i got married in august of 2018 & i can say without a doubt, it is the best! many of you know tanner & i’s love story, but to keep it brief let’s just say i was not looking for a relationship & i blatantly made that clear to tanner. tanner, being himself didn’t stop fighting for what we could be, & eventually won me over. little did i know just how much happiness our relationship would bring. with that, little did i know what work needs put into a marriage.
here are a six notes that i think are the most important for a successful marriage :

  1. you both have to create spiritual intimacy first & foremost. your relationship with christ has to be the utmost priority. you can’t love your spouse well, unless you love christ. marriages will fail without christ at the center. 

  2. marriage is not about you. you must learn to put yourself last -- i know, this is SO contrary to what our world says right now, but it’s true. selflessness is key, but you are in this together. marriage is  about going through life together & serving God together & serving each other along the way. 

  3. you have all heard that opposites attract & so don’t be surprised when it shows. accept that you & your spouse are different, acknowledge that god brought you together to complement each other, & adapt as needed. god created each of you with unique skills, gifts, passions, personalities, abilities, etc., but how can you together as one, glorify god with your marriage. 

  4. expect trials & testing. ‘happily ever after’ doesn’t mean there won’t be bumps along the way, understand that as christians we are  informed that there will be troubles. the good news is, you have each other to get through whatever hardship you might be facing. & yes, there will be hardships at every phase, but take heart in knowing that you will come out so much stronger in your relationship. 

  5. accept that you both are changing. tanner & i being married so young have already seen how much we each have changed in just this short time being together. our likes, dislikes, & even approaches to life have shifted. with time, your relationship will change, should begin to grow & develop being able to adapt to whatever changes you may be experiencing. 

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the best of the best

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6. simply enjoy each other. don’t sweat the small stuff (yep, preaching to myself right now). satan’s goal is to destroy your

     relationships & destroy the ministry you & your spouse have. don’t let him take that from you. marriage is a beautiful gift that god gives us. 

i hope & pray that i can always see marriage as a matchless gift from our savior. 

i hope & pray that our relationship results in us knowing christ more deeply.

i hope & pray that tanner & i can cherish one another for many more years. 

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