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right off the bat, you should know a few things that make me giddy

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kelsie here: a lifestyle & wedding photographer located in central IL eager to serve you! 


tanner jefferson. he’s my better half and my biggest fan. our families grew up together, taking trips, weekly get togethers, etc. it wasn’t until after high school though he started pursuing is such a fun story, but i’ll save that for another time. i promise ya it's one that will make you laugh, but also recognize that god's hand HAD to have played a huge role in our sweet, sweet story. 


family. my family is my priority & one of the main reasons i do what i do. whether it's a good day or bad day, the first thing on my mind is getting home to my kiddos and spending time as a family all together. the love shared and memories made inspire me to capture just that -- the beauty & closeness between an ever changing family. 


hearing couples tell their love story. i have always been a fan of hearing love stories, i remember as a little girl sitting criss-cross in front of my great grandma and grandpa and asking how they met, how the fell in love, and all the in betweens. each story is unique and each story is more likely than not to melt my heart, so i warned you ahead of time -- i might cry!


chai tea. yep, call me crazy but i would choose a chai tea over coffee any day. maybe it’s because caffeine does funky things to me and that’s why i prefer something that’s a little less caffeinated? who knows, but get me a chai tea and it’ll be gone in minutes. i have to limit my intake on this, but luckily i am an avid tea drinker so i always have other alternatives. 


serving in my church. this is something that my husband and i are super passionate about. i teach pre-school on sunday mornings and i am obsessed with those kiddos. another title we have been given is junior high youth leaders. for this, we host weekly bible studies at our house with the junior high kids and that has quickly evolved into some of the best friendships we could have asked for, yes we are best friends with seventh and eighth graders, LOL. 


ice cream, uncle bob's ice cream to be exact. i know, sounds ridiculous but it truly is something that brings me so much joy. not only do they have THE BEST ice cream in the world, it is where i met so many great people. if you didn’t know, i worked there for 5+ years and eventually became the manager. it truly was the best job and i loved working with all our regulars and definitely enjoyed the 24/7 ice cream accessibility. 

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hiking. well, really anything outdoors if i am honest. tanner and i enjoy kayaking, biking, swimming, walking, running, (well not tanner on this one), frisbee golf, and like i said pretty much anything that is active and outdoors! we love soaking up the sun and just being together in god’s creation.


my kiddos. ellison laine & august jase, our precious miracle babies!  if i am not posting photos of all my AMAZING clients, then it's bound to be of these two. they are true miracles from the lord and our lives have been forever changed! 


YOU! woo hoo! if you made it this far, you have learned a little bit about me but the truth is, i wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you. taking the time to read this is so appreciated and i am eternally thankful for all the opportunities i have to serve you. 

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get to know me on a deeper level


my story 

for HIS


i am all about the moements, both big, small,and all the moments in between.

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how it started

i graduated with a degree in Graphic Design in 2017 and that is how my passion for photography kicked off. i was required to take a history of photography course which sparked an interest in me to pick up a camera! practice makes perfect --- scratch that, you should know that i don't strive for perfection.



i am not about the traditional, basic poses , but rather i thrive in the real life candids!

where i am now

now it is hard to find me without a camera in my hands. i currently work at VIVO Technology in their marketing department. balancing motherhood, another job, and this photography gig can be challenging, but i wouldn't trade it for the world! when i am not occupied with work, you will find me spending time with my husband, tanner  ***quick moment to brag on my husband because, man alive am i blessed by him! he puts up with all my wild ideas and passions always pushing me to pursue them! did i mention                      , obsessing over our kiddos, serving as youth leaders in our church, or enjoying the great outdoors! hiking, kayaking, and soaking up the sun are my top three past times! most importantly, i live for jesus christ my savior & strive to glorify him each & every day by using my gifts to serve him! 


overgrown fields, natural light, and warm colors are my go to. summed up, my passion is capturing life’s precious moments so that you can cherish them forever. i am obsessed with what i do and i couldn't be more thankful for how the Lord has blessed me with not only one amazing job on the weekdays, but another incredible job during the evenings and weekends! serving others is where my heart is and i still can’t comprehend just how lucky i am to be able to do that! 


i love love?

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