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love notes

from my sweet clients. don't take my word for it,

hear what they have to say! 

" WOW! kelsie went above and beyond our expectations for our wedding photography coverage! She was so calm and patient throughout the day, yet stayed on task and never stopped trying to get the best pictures of our special day. she captured the perfect mix between posed and candid photos and edited them so beautifully! kelsie was so patient with every one throughout the entire day and calmly but effectively corralled everyone when necessary to get group photos! kelsie constantly checked in with us throughout the day to make sure we were getting the shots we wanted and bouncing ideas off of us as well as just taking charge of the poses and photo ideas whenever we asked her to! booking kelsie for our wedding was worth every penny and we would 100% recommend her for wedding and any other big event photography coverage! thank you so very much kelsie! "

“ kelsie is absolutely amazing at capturing precious memories of loved ones!! i cannot say enough good things about how amazing our pics came out! absolutely AMAZING!!!! 

thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!”


" i can not say enough about my experience working with kelsie. from the second i reached out to her, through receiving my BEAUTIFUL pictures, she was a dream to work with. she was kind, responsive, and incredibly professional through it all. being that i live out of state, she went above and beyond to help us find a beautiful location and took extra time out of her day to travel to a location of our choosing. she exceeded my expectations and i can't wait to fly her to CA for our next big family event where i will no doubt want to hire her to capture it all --   

she is that good. thank you kelsie!"


“ what do I recommend about kelsie anne photography? EVERYTHING!! i actually didn't know kelsie before booking her. but i had a couple different friends say how much they loved her and told me to look at her instagram and see her pictures. when i looked, i was instantly captivated by her work! her style is exactly what i was wanting in my wedding pictures! so i emailed her as fast as i could asking if she was available in 3 months (our engagement was a quick one) and she said yes (might i add, she is so good at responding in good time..she doesn't leave you waiting!). i had the privilege of meeting her about a month before the wedding and her personality was just so sweet and we actually found we had quite a bit in common. she helped me map out the wedding weekend and she was so great with just being flexible and doing whatever we wanted to be done for pictures. like, even though we ended up running a little behind the schedule we had mapped out, kelsie was totally cool with sticking around a little longer and taking a couple extra shots that we thought of on the fly. and we LOVED that we got our pictures back so fast! looking through them all brought me so much joy because kelsie captured every little detail i had wanted to be captured...and then some! an album was included in our package and now we have an album of our wedding day too which we adore. ️ i will definitely be asking kelsie to take pictures for us if we ever need them!  100/10 DEFINITELY RECOMMENDED!!

we love you and are so grateful for all you did, kelsie!!!

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"kelsie we are so grateful for you!! we couldn't have asked for a better person to document and celebrate our day with us!! thank you so much!!!

we are just so appreciative of you!"

" oh my goodness. i'm speechless!!! i am soaking them in. so many good ones, gah!!!! you made me look beautiful. i was nervous to see myself and feel gross, but i don't. i look how i see myself in my head -- beautiful, smiling, happy, without a care. thank you kelsie. 

i'm so glad i contacted you. so glad."


" oh my word. i am in class right now, but i took a peak and i don't even know what to DO with so many pretty pictures. thank you so much, i can't wait to look more later tonight. 

i can't thank you enough


" OH MY GOSH. i just saw your email and immediately started looking through the picture...and i have no idea how i'll narrow it down for the album. they are all SO good! and looking at these pictures brings so much joy...
i just love reliving that day.  


you did a beautiful job kelsie!!!

thanks for the memories!"

"matthew and i had our engagement photos taken by kelsie accompanied by her husband tan and it was an unforgettable experience. we clicked right away, laughed the entire time and for sure slid on ice for 2 hours, on our butts and even crawled. she is so professional and personable and i would recommend her to absolutely anyone for a good time. the photos were absolutely incredible and we can’t stop scrolling through them, she even let us incorporate my silver jeep. i mean how fun is that.

" kelsie was absolutely wonderful! she was able to capture great photos of our family of 14, from ages 75 to 7 months! she made what we were expecting to be a bit challenging an absolute breeze. she was so sweet, friendly, professional and fast. thank you so much kelsie! we appreciate you and wish you the best in your photography career!! "

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"kelsie is timely, has a positive attitude and bubbly personality. she is open to a variety of ideas, and is a sincere professional. it's great working with her!"

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